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Sol Blazerio Portrait by pallaza

Oh, so you'd like a critique? SURE! I FUCKING LOVE DOING THIS!!!!! So let's get rollin'


I see what you were going for, obviously- a quarter view of a characters head. It's written in black....all over my cream walls. It's as obvious as the day is long. It's as OBVIOUS AS YO MAMA IS WIDE! OHHHHH!!! Okay, back to professionalism.

There's not much I can say about me seeing your vision, since this isn't a very....complex work. It's simple, but that's not a bad thing.


That's the problem, it's too simple. There is really no way to differentiate this head picture from another. If I drew you a quarter view of the same character, what could I do differently? Tilt his head? Make him frowning?

Of course, it's art, so there's ALWAYS something more you could've done, but as far as a quarter view goes, this is still nothing bad.

Again, not saying you did bad, more-or-less saying there wasn't much margin for originality.


Now, after going through your gallery, I see your a learning artist :3 (not to call you out or anything :D) and from the looks of it, I think you should slow down some. I'm not sure if it's intentional or not, but these lines go past others and crisscross more than a Chinese gymnastics team. This could just be the style you were going

Also, the white areas- I assume this was with a tablet? Just take your time to make sure every fucking nook and cranny is perfected. Or at least, that's what I do (except one picture that took over 12 hours. during the last 2 hours I was just like FUCK IT! I WANT THIS SHIT DONE!)

Like, for example, there's little definition in the eyes, and none in the ears. The jacket is just a heavy gradient.

If your scared to, just try and experiment, and see what you get. I'm learning still too, so believe me when I say this crap, I'm not just barking :D

Still your facial anatomy seems to be all there, so that's awesome- everything is lined up seemingly perfect- from what I can tell, and I don't get confused looking at it- I don't feel like this line should be here, or that line should be there so bravo on that! :D

You might have that done better than me :3


The colors are super fucking expressive. This is a really....warm picture, and that's what drew me to it- it stood out from the 20 or so pictures you can find on the homepage.

Not much else I can say about it. It's a simple picture, but I still like it- you did awesome, in my opinion- this critique may seem a little harsh but just analyze everything I said- I may be wrong about some things, but you asked for it :D

NOW GO- FLY AWAY AND MAKE BEAUTIFUL ART! *dances the dance of leaving*
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